I’ve had some action-packed, hilarious dreams this week although at this point I can only remember highlights.

One recurring theme that appeared this week is broken harps. In this dream, I was riding my motorcycle with a harp somehow cargo-ed along the side. Even in the dream I had a bit of a “wtf” moment wondering how in the world I was riding a motorcycle packing a harp, but I decided to just go with it. I rolled into a parking garage, where the harp fell off the bike and I panicked. I dropped the bike and ran to the harp, and sure enough it was a wreck. The front column was cracked and the kneeblock and neck were in splinters. Interestingly enough, I don’t know if many, or any, strings were broken. Usually my broken harp dreams feature broken strings. In this dream, the harp still had its shape and was more or less holding together, but it was broken beyond repair.

In another dream segment, I was visiting a childhood friend’s home and I was not the only guest: Patrick Stewart was hanging out with her and her family. He started to do the washing up and I intervened, thinking that he probably shouldn’t be doing so menial a task and besides, he was really not very good at it.
I hung out with my friend and her family and Mr. Stewart for quite a while and we ended up outside playing some sort of soccer/volleyball hybrid. Mr. Stewart was exceptionally good at it and I ended up bowing out to head home.
You don’t have to take my word for it, but Patrick Stewart is really a pretty cool person. Who knew?

Other dream bits include driving a tiny car that “deflated” as I went, and trying to buy train tickets but instead of getting tickets I got onion rings. I wonder what Jung would say to that.



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