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Family horsey time!

I love it that my Big Girl is starting to regularly request visits to Chroi. I love it when Daddy comes along. I love it when we all go to the barn. Usually Babs runs around, Big Girl plays in the mud, Daddy chases everyone, and I pretend to be oblivious to it all while… Continue reading Family horsey time!

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Ground work

I’m not riding much these days for two reasons: one, I have been spending as much time as possible working on music; two, I don’t have a saddle.  That’s totally okay, though, because there’s no such thing as too much ground work!  Actually, I’ve been thinking about ground driving Chroi for quite a while but… Continue reading Ground work

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Ground perspective

After our fail at cantering under saddle I felt I should rethink my approach. I really haven’t been sure what to do so I’ve simply taken things back to basics with groundwork and lungeing. Tonight was our second night simply lungeing. Chroi was doing well so I asked her to canter.  There, many things became… Continue reading Ground perspective

A Girl and her Unicorn · Chroicoragh · Living YES · Training

Debriefing a bad ride

I’ve been working my fingers off on Heaven and Earth: Mass on the Celtic Journey, and the first (of two) performances is tomorrow. Rehearsal last night went better than I ever expected, and because I’m feeling ready for the show I decided that I would forego practice tonight in favour of de-stressing sans kids out… Continue reading Debriefing a bad ride