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Our second “first ride”

Chroi and I went out for what technically was our second ride, but I feel like it was our first. I say “technically” because our first ride was with our friend, Koren. I was too nervous to get on Chroi myself, especially without backup. Well that’s changed, and thank goodness! I’m feeling more confident and ready… Continue reading Our second “first ride”

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Diving into hair care, Part 2!

Giving horses a good bath is one of the most satisfying things ever! I’ve been looking forward to sprucing Chroi up, and I finally got it done. Big Girl was with me for this one, and one soaked horse and two soaked humans later we finally got the job done. Just getting Chroi wet enough was… Continue reading Diving into hair care, Part 2!

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Diving in to Hair Care!

What have I gotten myself into?! I did a fair amount of reading about hair care before I ever took a brush to Chroi. However. I still had another thing coming when the proverbial rubber hit the road (comb hit the mane?). First of all, I’m terribly afraid of doing more harm than good! I… Continue reading Diving in to Hair Care!

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The family that horses together

The barn was a family affair today. Initially it was just me and the girls, hubby was running an errand. But he surprised me by showing up at the barn when he was through, which was awesome! Before he arrived, though, I figured my barn time today was going to be given up to managing… Continue reading The family that horses together

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Why’d we buy a horse?

I sold my last horse in 2011. Well, actually, I gave her to a former student who I trusted to love her and care for her as I did. And she did. Splendidly. Would you believe this mare is 30 years old? (private photo) I was honestly quite uninterested in ever owning horses again. They’re so… Continue reading Why’d we buy a horse?