“I’m tired.”

It seems to be the mantra of moms everywhere, and the conversation goes like this:

“Hi! How are you today?” The greeting, generally cheerful because we are genuinely happy to see someone we know who is of an age to legally be able to buy alcohol.
“Oh we’re good,” is the reply. Note the “we” in there, because when you’re a mom there is no “I” anymore.

I wondered, what would life be like if I replaced “I’m tired” with something else. Could I manifest a new, more energized, happier reality? It sounds kind of “out there” and just a touch more optimistic than I generally like to be, but there’s a strong grain of truth in it and I see it sparkling with potential.

What if instead of saying I’m just too tired all the time I instead summon the energy and momspiration to say YES! How much could I accomplish, how much more present could I be to- and with- my family?

I’m hoping to put thought into practice. There’s so much I want to do with my family. There’s so much YES to bring to life.

Categories: being a parent, Life of YES, Living YES, parenting

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