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There are no coincidences

Last year when Chroi was in training with Cori, Cori sent me a lead on a cart for sale. The price was good and it looked perfect for Chroi. Unfortunately, because of everything that had happened, we couldn’t have afforded a cart at even a fraction of the price. I called the seller anyway, but didn’t get a response.… Continue reading There are no coincidences

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The Soul of the Family

“You need to write about what Chroi has meant to you during this time,” my husband texted me. During this time when I’ve felt darker and heavier, more sad and more depressed than I even realized until someone wedged her way through my door to offer me a hand up. However, when I sat down… Continue reading The Soul of the Family

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Family horsey time!

I love it that my Big Girl is starting to regularly request visits to Chroi. I love it when Daddy comes along. I love it when we all go to the barn. Usually Babs runs around, Big Girl plays in the mud, Daddy chases everyone, and I pretend to be oblivious to it all while… Continue reading Family horsey time!