A Brief Lull

I started graduate school in January, which may have only been last month but feels like an eternity ago. My university divides semesters in two sessions, A and B, and I’m at the end of Session A. I’m currently anxiously awaiting my grade on my last paper, which was a case analysis combined with a macrosystem analysis of an individual. It turned out to be harder than I thought it was going to be and I am desperately hoping I get an A. Otherwise, I’m quite proud of the fact that I’ve maintained an A average so far. When you understand how long it took me to ever even consider graduate school because I thought I wasn’t smart enough, you can see that that “A” average means a lot to me.

Shortly after school began I had a driving accident with Paris. She injured her leg badly, such that she could’ve ended up having to be put down but thankfully some angel was watching over us. I’ve been doctoring her every 2 to 3 days since January 16 and processing my roiling emotions. It put an end to my riding and driving ambitions this spring and I’ve been feeling devastated and lost since, on top of the guilt I feel for her injury. Blog post on all of that likely forthcoming.

This is where I insert an “everything else” category, and it feels strange to relegate anything that isn’t “Paris” or “grad school” into such a generic category. Does it belittle those “everything else” things, many of which are just as important or influential in my life?

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