New “Next” Chapters

Well now I’ve gone and done it- I’ve applied to graduate school! Am I insane?

I honestly am not sure what I’m more afraid of: rejection, or acceptance. Rejection is the “easy way out,” whereas acceptance means I have a lot of hard work coming my way. I’m not sure I can hack grad school, but I’m absolutely 100% sure I want to! Post-graduate education has been a deep dream of mine for, well, ever, but I’ve always believed I needed to be smarter or have a better degree or a great driving purpose to my life (other than Chroi, har har!).

I’m ready to grow

As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned a valuable lesson about journeys and goals: the journey IS the goal. I am no longer willing to let a lack of crystal clarity stagnate me, I’m ready to grow. I don’t need to have a mapped-out vision in front of me, I am ready to honor my interests and inspirations and see where they lead me.

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