Ready, Set, Show!

It’s kind of funny, I’ve been ticking off “bucket list” items with Chroi sometimes without even knowing they were on that list in the first place!

🌟 Completing driving training (although, really, training is a never-ending thing)

🌟 Driving along the road, through my favorite neighborhoods, on the walking/biking/riding loop

🌟 Driving through a tunnel (or should I call it a sculpture?) that I’ve passed by when driving my car

🌟 Driving with my kids and enjoying spending the time together

I feel like Chroi and I are ready for a(nother) milestone: showing! And right now I’m working toward making that happen.

And I do mean working and making it happen. It all starts as an idea or a dream, and sometimes it seems like taking the steps toward bringing that dream to birth might be futile, or I can’t seem to see really what steps even need to be taken, or I might be able to get one or two things I need but I can’t possibly see a way to overcome one particular obstacle or other.
I decided no excuses this time. I can do this.

I’ve got entry forms, budget, and it looks like I’ve found transportation (which is most often the one thing that stops me- not being able to go!). What I don’t have is a single clue about what it will actually be like, what to expect, or what the heck I’m getting myself into!

But hey, I’m game! To all the advance preparations I can possibly make, I’m going to add a dash of faith and a dollop of dumb bravery, with a liberal helping of enthusiasm, and see what magic Chroi and I can make.

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