Living YES

Ready, Set, Show!

It’s kind of funny, I’ve been ticking off “bucket list” items with Chroi sometimes without even knowing they were on that list in the first place!

🌟 Completing driving training (although, really, training is a never-ending thing)

🌟 Driving along the road, through my favorite neighborhoods, on the walking/biking/riding loop

🌟 Driving through a tunnel (or should I call it a sculpture?) that I’ve passed by when driving my car

🌟 Driving with my kids and enjoying spending the time together

I feel like Chroi and I are ready for a(nother) milestone: showing! And right now I’m working toward making that happen.

And I do mean working and making it happen. It all starts as an idea or a dream, and sometimes it seems like taking the steps toward bringing that dream to birth might be futile, or I can’t seem to see really what steps even need to be taken, or I might be able to get one or two things I need but I can’t possibly see a way to overcome one particular obstacle or other.
I decided no excuses this time. I can do this.

I’ve got entry forms, budget, and it looks like I’ve found transportation (which is most often the one thing that stops me- not being able to go!). What I don’t have is a single clue about what it will actually be like, what to expect, or what the heck I’m getting myself into!

But hey, I’m game! To all the advance preparations I can possibly make, I’m going to add a dash of faith and a dollop of dumb bravery, with a liberal helping of enthusiasm, and see what magic Chroi and I can make.

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