From pandemic to unemployment to the death of a deeply loved family member; from boredom and isolation and uncertainty of the future…

I am feeling quite stuck.

It absolutely does not help that I do not have a single safe, functional cart with which to drive Chroi in search of solace.

I started with nothing but a crazy idea: to train Chroi to drive. From there I quickly realized I needed professional help and I found a wonderful driving instructor who not only started Chroi the right way but who also has been a generous and wonderful resource ever since. I bought a driving harness, and then I found a cart. Once we established those things we ended up needing to go back to driving school to make sure everything was safe and ready to progress.

Nobody’s driving journey is ever the same, and I would suspect that nobody’s driving journey is ever linear or smooth!

We hit a few “speed bumps” which I never blogged about (but ought to), and to make a long story short I now have THREE carts, and NONE of them are right for us!

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