Chroi is pulling a cart! & I’m pulling all-nighters…

After more than a year of planning,

And more than a handful of “roadblocks,”

Chroi is officially “in cart!”


I wish I had documented and updated as much as I’d originally “intended” (something about paving stones for a specific road…?), because it’s been quite a process and a project! From introducing her to the harness,

introducing her to the closed bridle,

introducing her to the feel of “traces,”

introducing her to the feel of shafts,

and introducing the cart,

– insert an accident or two in there –

and finally:


As for me, I have a madly teething baby who can’t seem to get or give a solid night of sleep,

and I have a madhouse of family and life.


Here’s to taking a step back to appreciate it all.

Categories: A Girl and her Unicorn, being a parent, Chroi's driving training, Chroicoragh, Life of YES, Living YES, Training, Unicorn

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