There are no coincidences

Last year when Chroi was in training with Cori, Cori sent me a lead on a cart for sale. The price was good and it looked perfect for Chroi. Unfortunately, because of everything that had happened, we couldn’t have afforded a cart at even a fraction of the price.

I called the seller anyway, but didn’t get a response. I assumed it was for the best.

I always mourned that little loss. I mean, there was no way whatsoever we could have come up with the money for the cart anyway, but fantasy can be a powerful thing! And I had such visions of Chroi in front of a perfect little cart.

So much came in between the unfortunate timing of that cart ad. We moved. My husband settled into his new job. I had a baby. Chroi took up residence at a new barn. With all the changes Chroi’s training fell by the wayside and if I’m being brutally honest I have to admit that I gave up.

Until one day…

cart ad
Is this for sale again??


Cori sent me what looked to be the same ad for the same cart. I was certain it was a misprint or mistake on the part of the newsletter, but that nagging “what if….” prompted me to call on it. I’d regretted not buying it the first time and if it was for sale again I wasn’t going to let it pass me by a second time.

Well, it was legit!
And since it was “local” (as in, within a reasonable driving distance) I made a date to go see the cart. I took my notebook with all the measurements in it that Cori and I had taken for Chroi.



And the cart came to live with us.


chroi plus cart
Chroi meets her new cart for the first time
Chroi standing between the shafts with a pile of kids “in tow” (she’s not actually hooked, nor are the shafts actually in the shaft loops- I’m holding them up just to get the pic)

Wanna know something else?
It was TOTALLY meant to be. I know because right after I made arrangements to see and purchase the cart, I was driving home from the barn and saw this:

going down the road
cart going down our city street!

They were on their way to the McDonald’s drive-thru.

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