Very quick update!

No blog posts lately because:

  1. Moving.
    It stinks. There’s no silver lining. Well, okay, I guess there’s some silver lining. We have an actual house. I have a pantry. I have a garage. I have a back yard. And it’s a single story. These things alone give me the happies.
  2. We don’t have internet.
    Because I can’t find our old cable box, which we have to take in to Cox in order to get new equipment. How in the world does one lose a cable box??
  3. Chroi is now two hours away instead of 20 minutes.
    She’s getting an extra week with Cori, which is FANTASTIC.
    But I miss her.
    But even though it will be great to have her “home” (as much as one can call a place “home” after two weeks of living there), I’m also very nervous about being able to continue working with her, picking up where Cori leaves off. Cori = amazing. Me = total amateur.
    But it will still be great to get Unicorn Hugs whenever I want.

So there’s the short of it. I have so much I want to write about all the time, but without internet it gets a bit difficult! There’s so much goodness happening, and more in the works. I can’t wait to share everything.

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