Next chapter: Off to Driving Training

On June 22nd we undertook our next chapter: driving training. Chroi will be in training with Cori of CERT Horsemanship.

Training began straight from day 1, with Chroi’s first “session” being loading her in the trailer. Watching Cori work with her was such a pleasure and a relief: a pleasure because she was completely calm, confident, and professional; a relief because 1. she was kind to Chroi without resorting to “quick fixes” to get her to just load up fast so that we could get out of the heat, and 2. I got to see in action exactly why I decided to hire Cori and I felt, and feel, confident that I made a good choice.













So far so good. Chroi has been happy in her “new” (temporary) home. I am beyond pleased that she’s in such a good place with such a competent trainer during this rough, transitional time for the rest of our family.

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