Adventures in driving training

Driving! I’d love to train Chroi to drive a two-wheeled cart.
To that end, I’ve done a bit of really informal work with her ground driving.
I’ve never driven, nor have I ever trained a driving horse, so I plan to do as much of the groundwork with her as I can and enlist professional help for the things I know I can’t do alone.
That means harnessing, getting Chroi between the shafts for the first time, and our first couple of drives.
My timeline has, unfortunately, been pushed out quite a bit but I hope to keep working as much as I can and to have a cart behind her by September/October!

Chroi stood patiently while I grabbed my phone and snapped a quick pic

​Here are a couple of our adventures, raw, unedited, and in all our bumbling beginner glory.

First, a little walk down the paved drive:

Next, to the street to see how she reacted to the evening traffic going by:​

​Finally, here’s a little experiment I did just to see how cool she’d be turning in such a small space. It got a little hairy for moment (by the way, in case you’re wondering, it’s really rather hard to hold a mobile and take vids while working with a horse!) but we did it and Chroi, at least in my opinion, was just great!

I had two different potential trainers out to evaluate Chroi and give me their opinion of her potential as a driving horse. I got two completely different personalities in these trainers! One was very laid back and “Yeah, you got this,” while the other was into every little detail of Chroi’s responses on the ground.

Stay tuned for future updates about which trainer I chose, and why, and to see our progress!

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