Progressing with “Training”

I have a hard time actually labeling myself a “trainer,” but at the same time I guess anytime you’re working with a horse you are, ostensibly, training it.
I’m really excited because it seems to me that Chroi is progressing nicely, in spite of the fact that I’m not really a “trainer.”

So what are my “tangibles?” Meaning, what can I physically show for all our time and effort?
I have videos of Chroi’s first few attempts at lungeing and they’re pretty bad. She’s super fast and uneven in her gaits, she can’t keep an even circle, she pulls out on the line (as if she’s trying to run away from me, usually toward the barn), she doesn’t respond to commands to change gait.
Yesterday and today I worked with Chroi by first lungeing her under saddle and then hopping on for a quick ride. Both yesterday and today I felt that Chroi was quiet on the lunge line, with a good and steady rhythm. When under saddle, her 20 meter circles are noticeably smoother and more even, and her trot is more steady, even, and relaxed.

I’m really pleased with the progress and I can’t wait to do more with her.

I feel like I’m also progressing with my own “training” as a horse person and a rider. I have the opportunity to ride a couple of other horses at the barn, and I’m really excited about what I can learn from them. First up is Chase, “El Caballo más Feo,” as I have taken to calling him. He’s a lanky, gangly paint gelding that I’ve become totally charmed by. I took my first ride with him this morning and wow was that ever a wake up call.

What I thought I’d look like.
What I probably actually looked like. Except her leg is probably still better than mine right now.

(Images courtesy Google)

Somewhere between feeling like I’d decided to ride a 16.3hh trampoline and sliding all over a saddle that I swear had a coating of Teflon, my legs, seat, and hands began to somewhat remember what the heck to do and I felt completely humbled and completely excited.
Oh, and completely, utterly, ridiculously out of shape.

The prospect of having projects to work on and things to learn right now is keeping me afloat.

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