Ground perspective

After our fail at cantering under saddle I felt I should rethink my approach. I really haven’t been sure what to do so I’ve simply taken things back to basics with groundwork and lungeing. Tonight was our second night simply lungeing. Chroi was doing well so I asked her to canter. 

There, many things became apparent. She pulled on me, absolutely pounded the ground (very heavy stride), couldn’t keep a consistent rhythm. Everything she did to me under saddle, she did on the lunge line tonight. 

If there’s one great thing about that, it’s that I know I can correct these things on the lunge line too. I also am grateful that I can see her, because it will help me so much when I’m in the saddle. 

I’m feeling better because now I have points of reference, so I feel less lost.

Categories: A Girl and her Unicorn, Chroicoragh, Life of YES, Life with a Unicorn, Living YES, outside of my comfort zone, Training, Unicorn

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