Goings on

Just a short montage of our days. I’m busily obsessed with preparing for a harp performance the first weekend in March. Chroi provides an island of sanity in the midst of my freaked-outness.

The completely un-glamorous, real life of a mom who is also a working musician. Priorities, yo.
Big Girl walking Chroi around


I love this Unicorn.

Chillin’ with my unicorn BFF

I’ve been free-longeing Chroi to help get her in better shape. Right now it only takes her a few minutes to get sweaty and tired.

That stride, though!

We did a trial run with her unicorn horn. I can’t wait for the next full moon, the girls are going to be so excited to see Chroi’s magical horn appear!

We had to do a little work on getting into the bath rack. She’s a sweet, wonderful unicorn but I guess even the best unicorns can be stubborn sometimes.

We got there eventually. A bit of patience goes a long way. It was more important to me to work with Chroi than it was to actually get her in the bath rack, and she had a lesson to teach me. I’ve learned that the “destination” is the journey; staying present in, or to, the process can bring the greatest blessings.


Big Girl is taking horse classes at the zoo. That’s right, at the zoo! Who knew the zoo offered horseback riding lessons?? Well, they do! And they have a really nice facility with wonderful horses and even wonderful-er people to work with.
Big Girl immediately fell in love with a big black Percheron named Jack.

Do you know Jack?

She rode a sweet little Haflinger pony named Lily while a staff instructor had the lead. I’ve been really impressed with the staff and horses of the program. And, most importantly, Big Girl is happy too.

Big Girl had a very close encounter with some Canada geese; so close, in fact, that I had to tell her not to actually touch them as her fingers were inches away! I was surprised at how close they let us get. I guess they’ve learned how fat and happy they can be when there are people around who will feed them!

Big Girl gets to ride Chroi more than I do. I’m okay with that.

With riding comes responsibility.

And finally, what good is childhood if you can’t just cut loose and be a kid? I took Chroi to the paddock and came back to this:

Life is good, for us kids both big and little 😊

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