Life with kids

It’s a running parenting joke that moms miss being able to go to the bathroom without being mobbed my littles…

I wish!


MY kids KNOW that when I go in the bathroom and close the door I’m a captive audience to all the shenanigans they can possibly get up to before I’m wiped and done.
Today, for example. I hear the girls tromp up the stairs and run into the bathroom. I have visions of Babs washing her hands in the currently clogged upstairs toilet and trying to wipe with the TP that’s stuck in there, while Big Girl makes abstract art on the bed using her toast and jam.
After what seems like forever, with visions of catastrophe dancing in my head, I wipe, flush, and bolt up the stairs where I find Babs in the bathroom sink chewing on as many toothbrushes as she can fit in her mouth while covered (COVERED!) in Big Sis’ jam. Big Girl is standing there with her toast in her hand and all over her face, doing the peepee dance out of anxiety because she knows I freak when Babs climbs around the bathroom and she’s super excited to get to tattle on Sissy.
The moral of the story? If they mobbed me while I was in the bathroom, at least I’d know where they are and what they’re up to!

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