Diving into hair care, Part 2!

Giving horses a good bath is one of the most satisfying things ever! I’ve been looking forward to sprucing Chroi up, and I finally got it done. Big Girl was with me for this one, and one soaked horse and two soaked humans later we finally got the job done.

Wet unicorn

Just getting Chroi wet enough was a chore. It takes a lot to soak so much hair! I rinsed off a lot of dirt and old product- I rinsed her until the water running off of her wasn’t “foamy” anymore.

See the two different skin colors (below)? To all appearances Chroi looks “white,” but really she’s what’s called a “blagdon,” which means she has white markings like a paint horse. She’s grey and white, but because she carries a grey gene in her DNA she looks less and less grey as she ages, and more and more white. It’s really cool to see her blagdon markings on her wet skin.

You can see that she’s blagdon- two different skin colors

Once I had Chroi good and soaked I diluted some EquiFuse “CFS” shampoo in a bucket and gently used a round rubber curry to scrub it into her. I dipped the curry in the diluted shampoo and worked it all over her body.

After a good rinse it was time for conditioner.

After rinsing out the shampoo I applied light conditioner to her body and a heavier conditioner to her mane, tail, and feather. I diluted some conditioner in a bucket and soaked her tail in it for a few minutes. I used EquiFuse “CitraCreme” (a heavier conditioner) and “Rehydrinse” (diluted in a spray bottle and sprayed on). I focused more on her mane, tail, and feathers than her body.
This was a great time to particularly focus on her feathers, or, more specifically, the legs beneath the hair. Because she’s such a hairy horse, I check her every time I groom to be sure she doesn’t have any injuries or (more commonly) fungal disease. I check her ergots, which is a “callousy” growth on the back or underside of her fetlock. Some horses have bigger ergots than others, and Chroi grows some big ones!

All fluffed up and waiting to dry

When I finished in the bath rack I took her to dry ground and brushed out her mane and tail.

Let me tell you, when I first looked into purchasing EquiFuse products I was a little skeptical. I read rave reviews about it on Facebook, but I still wasn’t sure how even the most miraculous of miracle products could possibly render a massive, thick, heavy Gypsy tail into a beautiful, fluffy waterfall of hair.
I am pleased to say that EquiFuse delivered.
And along with clean, brushable hair I got a sparkling white unicorn.

Her tail looks so pretty all brushed out!


Four fluffy feathers (the purple stain is thrush treatment)


All braided!

Whew! Taking care of such a hairy horse is quite a task, but I LOVE it! I love the results.

I will definitely be purchasing EquiFuse products again in the future. There are as many ways to wash a horse as there are horses out there, and I have picked up a few good tips; but, EquiFuse made it so easy and I loves me some easy!
Find EquiFuse here, at The Hair Affaire.

Hoping to help prolong and preserve Her Unicornliness’ nice clean new ‘do, I put her hair up in these gorgeous mane bags…

…and two days later hunted them down one by one all over the paddock. I’m still missing two, may they RIP.

Well, you know what they say: if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

I love these adorable mane and tail bags from Customize My Horse. You can also find them on Facebook or Etsy!


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