First Ride

Chroi and I had our first ride today! Oh my God am I so excited!

My friend Koren came along for moral support.

Well, okay, the truth is she came along because I didn’t want to be the one to get a concussion if Chroi decided riding wasn’t her forte. Besides, unknown horse + not-confident rider = not something I was really keen on. So when Koren texted me:
“This week is pretty quiet so I promise I’m coming to visit and meet your unicorn. Do you want me to bring any equipment to try out on her?”
I said:
“Hey if you want to, you could bring your saddle, a bit, and maybe we can saddle Chroi up. Would you be willing to get on her? I’d LOVE to have your help with her.”

And Koren, being the awesome person that she is, said “Omg my heart will explode with excitement. An untested mare. So awesome. Hell yeah I’ll ride.”

She’s da bomb.

Don’t ask me why I haven’t been feeling confident, because I really don’t know. I think, honestly, that between being out of the horse game for a long time plus having a lot more at stake if I’m injured has really dialed up my caution factor.

But Koren was totally game, actually has a saddle (unlike me right now), and is smaller and lighter and braver than me so we were on.

Koren spent some time getting to know Chroi from the ground (above).

She kept a very loose rein and no leg contact (above).

And after seeing Chroi’s reaction and Koren’s success, I screwed up the courage to have a go (above).

It was brilliant (Except I’m embarrassed about my fat ass, I guess I’ll be stepping up my workout game in 2017).

So now I know that it can be done, and that I can do it! Today was a huge confidence booster and I’m so grateful to Koren for being my best horsey buddy. Seriously, she and I are of one mind when it comes to our approach to horses and riding and I love having someone I trust on the ground with me. That’s a great gift.

Now I feel a little less overwhelmed about this whole fiasco of an adventure!

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