When things don’t go the way you thought

When we bought Chroi I planned to take things slow. I realized that I was stepping into a whole new world, and I wanted (and want) to do everything right.
Well, you can’t do everything right. That would be perfection, and perfection is impossible, especially with a large unpredictable animal with a mind of its own.

So let’s amend that statement and today say that I really want to do things well.


Today Chroi tried simultaneously to jump out of the round pen AND bulldoze on through the fence. She half-reared and her front legs tangled in the panel.

Time slowed down as images of broken legs, jagged broken flesh-rending panel pipe, and butchered horsemeat flashed before my eyes.
In what seemed to me to be no less than a miracle, Chroi extricated herself.

She was walking, trotting, and running normally. There was no bleeding and I didn’t find any signs of swelling or hot spots.  I’ll see how she looks first thing in the morning.


Categories: Chroicoragh, Life with a Unicorn, Training, Unicorn

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