Welcome back!

I am looking forward to blogging my mind on so many topics! I’ll try to keep it limited to a few most relevant topics, but I can’t guarantee it. I am the most passionately opinionated person I know.

I’m not great at blogging. Not because of infrequent posts, but because there seem to be some guidelines to blogging that I just don’t follow.

For now, I’m going to sort of drift along according to what my friend Heidi does because I think she’s wicked cool. She’s even made it easy for me because she has a whole category called “blogging,” on which I can click and let her blogging wisdom and experience rain down on my poor head. This post in particular will probably be referenced more than once.  Check her out, she does a lot of really neat things (like art, horses, food, writing, and lots of interesting pictures!).

I’ve historically been pretty social-media (and generally) shy. But I think I’m at a point in my life now where I’m not as afraid to be “out there” as I am. I don’t know that I really have anything to contribute to the internet (much less the world), but right now I’m pretty tickled just to have a piece of webspace to call my own.

I don’t have any snazzy pictures just yet but I will.

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